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I really enjoy decorating storage items and this small mdf tray is perfect for paints or bottles. I have recently attended a workshop with Kate Crane at Ministry of Mixology and wanted to practise the techniques I learned with her.

First I laid out all the pieces and checked where they would fit, the dividers have a different fittings front and back. I used Decoart paint.

The colours were layered up from pale to dark. Remember to do both sides of each piece, I always manage to miss one side!I dried each colour before adding the next layer.

When I assembled the tray the front looked bare so I added a large mdf arrow and the word, create. The edges were all painted black and had a hint of treasure gold applied.

These trays are available from
Daisy’s and Jewels

2 thoughts on “Daisy’s small storage

  1. Wow, Jan! This is gorgeous! I love the colors you’ve chosen and adding the pieces to the front is genius! The only problem I see is it is too pretty to fill up! Happy to see I’m getting your blog posts again! Hugs!

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