Steampunk Debutante G45

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Wow, I love these papers, so easy to work with!
Here are some designs I made as DT for Jones.

This is a door hanger.
My favourite….


I needed a large bag for a workshop I am attending to hold basic equipment and paintbrushes. I recycled an old toiletries bag, laminated the papers, collages and stitched then together.


8 thoughts on “Steampunk Debutante G45

  1. Jan, both of these designs are so fun, and I have to agree–I love that door hanger! But the tote bag up cycle is so clever. Have fun at your workshop; I think your bag is going to be a big distraction! Hugs!

  2. These are both really creative Jan. I love the flying man and the gorgeous colours going on behind him and the bag with those bright colours in the foreground is really striking. I bet you get some fabulous comments when you are out and about with it


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